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Why DSC New Mexico?

  • DSCNM will have access to DSC's staff professionals and resources for counsel relative to marketing, promotion, membership, projects, and events. The ability to draw upon the resources of DSC to support DSCNM will assume the growth and prosperity of New Mexico well beyond what has been experienced in the past.  

  • Being associated with a worldwide organization that has influence not only in Washington DC, but on the worldwide conservation/education stage; gives DSCNM the ability to have a well-respected influential leader standing alongside DSCNM when it comes to issues that directly affect New Mexico     

  • DSCNM’s board of directors can focus 100% of DSCNM’s efforts in New Mexico; having the control of its own affairs, but yet having the support, name, and resources of DSC at our disposal  

  • DSCNM may direct the spending of up to 95% of the net results of DSCNM’s Single largest annual fundraiser, and 100% of any other net moneys raised annually stays in New Mexico.

  • DSCNM is a New Mexico Corporation and has received its own 501c-3 determination as a non-profit organization from the IRS, this gives DSCNM full and total control of its own affairs.

  • Special discounts only available to DSCNM relative to programs or merchandise of DSC's choosing.

  • Promotion of the DSCNM Network by DSC, thereby promoting the good DSCNM is doing and encouraging others to join DSCNM

  • Link the DSCNM website with DSC's

  • Inclusion in DSC’s social media network, for those items that are mission-focused and that meet our ethical and editorial standards.

  • Space in our publications (print and digital) for a digest of official DSCNM news and/or articles relative to mission accomplishment. Articles by individuals about DSCNM projects and/or member profiles may be considered for publication. From time to time, a spotlight article may be assigned to a professional journalist for publication in DSC outlets.

  • DSC Publications invites all members to submit hunting adventure features, or other editorial.

  • Discounts in our publications for advertising print and digital. Consult special chapter rate sheet.

  • The ability of DSCNM and their representatives to meet, greet, and otherwise interact with convention vendors representing themselves as DSCNM within a very select group of DSC's Affiliate network.

  • The continuation of its tradition of promoting wildlife conservation science, advocating for hunters, and educating youth and adults about the sustainable use of wildlife resources and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.

  • The continuation of DSC's tradition of sponsoring an annual hunting, fishing, and wildlife conservation exhibition and convention in Dallas, Texas.

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