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Rules & Conditions

  • Individuals under the age of 18 at time of drawing may not purchase a EVENTS ticket or win a prize

  • Each Drawing Entry constitutes of an equal chance to win.

  • Each Drawing Entry must remain under the individuals name that made the original purchase of the raffle ticket

  • Drawing for each raffle will be conducted within 48 hours that the raffle ends (all tickets in that drawing) between the hours of 6:00am and 10:00 pm,

  • A computerized random number generating program Random Picker will be used to draw the winner

  • Drawing video will posted on dscnm WEBSITE

  • If unforeseen circumstances create a condition that the drawing cannot be held within the 48 hrs; the drawing will be held at the next earliest time possible.

  • Winners need not be present to win

  • Winners will be notified by end of business the following day after the drawing  with instructions on how to claim their prize

  • Drawings with a set number of entries will have Only that number of tickets available. Remaining Number of tickets available will be on ticket order page.

  • When all tickets in any named drawing is sold out, the drawing ticket purchase page will show sold out.

  • Drawing tickets will be placed in numerical order determined by the time stamp that the ticket was acquired on the DSCNM website. This list will be the list that is used when the drawing takes place by the Random Picker. After the drawing takes place and a winner determined, the list for that drawing will be considered Used and will be deleted.

  • Drawings that have a set time period to run ei. Starts at 8am Tuesday ends on Sunday 12pm. Tickets will only be available during that time period. At time of closing, tickets will not be available.

  • Drawings that have a set time will have an unlimited amount of tickets available for sale during the time frame that it is being run

  • Same rules apply for “unlimited drawings” as they do for set number of tickets.

  • A list of entries will be for any drawing can be obtained by requesting them from DSCNM via email.

  • Winners will be posted on DSCNM website and on DSCNM social media pages 

  • Winners of each drawing will be posted on the website.  

  • All firearms regulations must be observed, all in State (NM) and out of state winners must provide a licensed FFL dealer to which firearm will be sent to and winner will pick up at said dealer

  • Copy of FFL License must be provided to DSCNM via email dscnm2020@gmail within 72 hours of the winner being notified or winner forfeits their prize.

  • All FFL Dealer’s provided by winner will be contacted by WINNER and must agree to receive/transfer winners firearm to the winner

  • Winner must agree in email acknowledgement that named FFL will be receiving their winning’s and once sent DSCNM will have fulfilled their obligation to the winner

  • Winner will be provided a Firearm Acknowledgement and Release. This document MUST be filled out and Signed by both the winner and FFL dealer and returned to DSCNM. No firearm will be sent until both the form and a copy of the FFL are received.  

  • All costs for transfer and shipping to FLL’s by DSCNM are included in the cost of the drawing ticket, to lower 48 states. AK or HI will be actual costs that will be the responsibility of the winner. 

  • Winner is responsible for any additional (out of the ordinary) costs associated with transfers and shipping.

  • If winner is not able to pass National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), in case of a firearm giveaway. The winner will be given a gift card to Cabela’s/Bass Pro Shops; equal to the wholesale value of the item won. As a substitute for the winning ticket.

  • All winners must claim and make arrangements for delivery within 30 days of notification to the winner by DSCNM.

  • No prize can be exchanged for another prize or cash

  • All prizes must be claimed within 30 days of the winner being notified. If prize is not claimed within these time frames, winner will forfeit their prize forever.

  • All international, federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations apply. Void where prohibited by law. Will apply to all drawings. 

  • Residents of AL, KS, NJ, UT & WA; these respective state gaming/raffle laws prohibit their  residents from participating in online raffles/drawings. MT residents from using debit cards or cash/checks

  • Anyone that acquires tickets  are responsible for reviewing specific restrictions on purchase’s  and winning entry and/or eligibility to receive a  prize in their state of residence.

  • Odds of winning depend on number of entries for that particular drawing

  • Winners agree that if asked of and/or is required that a verification that winner is eligible to receive a prize that they will do so or forfeit their prize.

All drawn winners are not Official winners until they have been verified by DSCNM of their eligibility and have been notified by DSCNM and have provided FFL if necessary. Regardless of any posting’s on DSCNM website or social media pages.

By making the required donation/purchasing a ticket to any drawing, ticket purchaser and any and all heirs, representatives of said ticket purchaser agrees to hold harmless DSCNM and any and all directors, agents, and any other individual or entity that is in assertion with DSCNM  from and against any claim or cause of action, including but not limited to, personal injury, death, damage to or loss of property, a privacy violation that may arise out of your participation in the raffle drawings, or your receipt or use or misuse of any prize.

Dallas Safari Club New Mexico is a non-profit 501c-3 corporation. Your contribution/ ticket purchase may or may not be deductible per IRS regulations; all won prizes may or may not be taxed on individual tax returns. Check with your personal tax adviser for guidance. DSCNM is not an accountant or tax adviser and will not provide accounting or tax assistance or advice

Per IRS Regulations, any item that is won, that exceeds a $600 in value DSCNM is required to obtain a IRS 1099 from winner and issue W2-G form to the winner and file said W2-G with the IRS.  

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