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Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Efforts

Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Efforts

Background and History:

For over 110 years, our New Mexico Department of Game and Fish has been successfully stewarding our state’s wildlife and wild places, so that all New Mexicans can enjoy our outdoors. And we aim to see that continue for another 110 years.


But this lineage of success faces new challenges today that are different from those encountered by our predecessors. The challenges we face now are more dynamic in nature, more social in nature, born from booming urban demographics disconnected from wildlife and conservation. These new realities require new approaches to ensure the continuation of hunting, angling and the fair chase of game into the future.


The fact of the matter is that no constituency in American history has done more for wildlife or wildlife conservation that hunters and anglers themselves. Born out of a time that required a robust wildlife recovery effort, America’s hunters and anglers forged a new path of wildlife management and ethical hunting standards that has become known as the North American Model of Wildlife Management.  This model has been a north star for every fish and game agency in the country and has become the envy of the world.



DSC New Mexico Position:

DSC New Mexico is steadfast in their commitment to protect the tenants of the North American Model and has made a committed effort to protecting and enhancing the habitat that wildlife calls home. We believe the resource must be front and center in all wildlife management decisions and we will continue to do our part to ensure that our states wildlife has the habitat necessary to sustain a robust wildlife populations for all New Mexicans and visitors to enjoy.

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