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5 Day Fully Guided Trophy Aoudad Hunt in West Texas with
Rowdy McBride Hunting Services
Hunt Dates: September-March 2024 or 2025


689 ENTRIES FILLED AS OF 3/28 @ 10pm MST


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5 Day Fully Guided Day Trophy Aoudad Hunt in West Texas with Rowdy McBride Hunting Services

Hunt Dates: September-March 2024 or 2025

Weapon: Rifle 

Trophy Free Range Aoudad are one of the most sought-after big game species in North America.  Here is your chance to hunt an Aoudad with one of the world’s premier free-range sheep guiding and outfitting services:  Rowdy McBride Hunting Services.
This hunt is for 1 Hunter to harvest 1 trophy Aoudad in West Texas with Rowdy McBride Hunting Services.  This hunt is for 5 full days of hunting and 5 nights with all accommodations included.  You will meet up with a representative of Rowdy McBride Hunting Services in Alpine, Texas and then you will be taken to the ranch where you will be hunting and stay at one of their awesome ranch houses and enjoy some wonderful meals during your hunt.  The hunt will take place on any available hunt dates during September - March of 2024 & 2025.
There are no additional trophy fees that will be needed for this hunt.  You will hunt Trophy Aoudad and look for the trophy that you will want to harvest no matter the size.  The chance of success on this trophy Aoudad Hunt are 100%.  Rowdy McBride Hunting Services recommend that you use .300 caliber rifle or similar for your hunt.
Transportation during your hunt is included which will consist of using Jeep’s, 4x4’s and UTV’s.  Field prep and trophy prep are also included in this fabulous hunt.
Rowdy McBride Hunting Services offers the largest amount of terrain in the highly sought after desert mountains of West Texas including the area’s most productive private and family-owned rangeland for free range Aoudad sheep, totally unshared and completely exclusive to our hunters.
Rowdy McBride Hunting Services’ success rate is 100% for taking large Aoudad and their percentage of trophy-sized rams is unsurpassed by any other outfitter in the region. The populations and trophy sizes of their Aoudads have provided well-documented success for their hunters in fulfilling their dreams of a challenging free-range experience and trophy Aoudad opportunities.
Their areas in West Texas are within Brewster, Jeff Davis, and Presideo Counties. On the majority of their ranches there is cabin-style lodging augmented by tent and local hotel facilities to take advantage of the most promising hunting conditions and movements of herds. Conditions of hunts include utilization of jeeps and ranch vehicles combined with on-foot traverse in elevations ranging up to 7500 feet.
The mountains present a combination of limestone and granite geology, native grasses, cedar and pinon pine in the higher elevations, and desert foliage such as sagebrush, ocotillo and cactus in lower elevations. Their ranches will feature multiple sightings of mature Aoudad herds with frequent trophy ram opportunities. Their guides and assistants have extensive experience and are predominantly natives of the area, offering years of experience in hunting these challenging and wary animals. 
Since 1988, Rowdy McBride Hunting Services is well established as one of the world’s premier international professional guiding and outfitting services for free-range sheep, with an established global clientele whose success rate is in the 99% plus range for completed hunts and record-setting trophy animals in North America and Asia. This professional outfitting and guide service enjoys significant repeat business and offers unsurpassed resources including West Texas’s most sought-after trophy-productive ranches. These include family-owned and highly exclusive properties under active lease, encompassing hundreds of thousands of acres. Along with free range Aoudad and Desert Bighorn species, no other professional guiding service provides access to the incredibly rare, free-range Armenian and Red Sheep which are an international attraction to the world’s foremost sports hunters.

•    1 Trophy Aoudad– no size limit (Hunt is over after animal has been harvested)
•    All accommodations while hunting including meals and beverages
•    Field prep of your trophy
•    Trophy prep including transportation to a shipper
•    Hunt dates are any available dates during September – March 2024 & 2025
•    Transportation to and from the ranch via Alpine, Texas
•    5 Full Days of hunting with a 2x1 Guide service
•    Transportation during the hunt
•    It may be possible to allow 1 non-hunter to join you on the hunt.  You must schedule this with Rowdy McBride Hunting Services first.

Not Included:
•    Lodging and meals prior to arrival or after departure of the hunt days
•    Travel expenses from your home to Alpine, Texas
•    Customary Gratuities to guides, kitchen and wait staff
•    Shipping of your trophy back home
•    5-day hunting license
•    Additional hunters
•    Can Not be used for an alternate year
•    Can Not be extended for more days of hunting

Rowdy McBride Hunting Services, LLC                                                    

Alpine, TX                                                          

Phone:  432-553-4724                                                                                                 

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