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Nilgai Hunt for Two Hunters in South Texas with
Kayote Outfitters

Joel Grillot
From: Edmond Oklahoma 
Congratulations to Joel 

and a Big Thank you
to all that got tickets to the Giveaway 

We are offering a FREE entry to the DSC 40th Anniversary Rifle Giveaway for every 3 entries to the Nilgai Hunt!

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2 Night Nilgai Hunt for Two Hunters or two Nilgai for one hunter in South Texas with Kayote Outfitters


Hunt Includes:

2 Nilgai Bull Hunt

2 Nights to hunt & harvest 2 Nilgai bulls 10p.m to 4-5:30a.m

1 guide

Caping quartering not included

Lodging and meals Not Included

Transportation to and from hunting area Not Included

Texas Hunting License Not Included

Free re-hunt if no Nilgai is hit or killed

Hunt Dates: May 17th, 2022 to December 31, 2022


 If you're ready for the hunt of a lifetime, come join us and Kayote Outfitters. They are the #1 Nilgai hunting outfit in the Rio Grande Valley and will make your hunt one to remember for the rest of your life Whether you want to hunt from a blind, a moving truck safari style, walk and stalk, or a thermal hunt in complete darkness they have the right team, the right equipment, and the energy to get it done. Their team does not stop until they exhaust every opportunity and strategy to make your hunt a success. The hunt can be customized to your liking whether you want to hunt a Nilgai bull or a Nilgai cow. Also available as an add on to your Nalgai Hunt are white Tail, Hogs, Whitewing Dove or Javelina. Let them take you on a customized extreme hunting experience. With coast to coast references and testimonials you are sure to have peace of mind when you book your trip. Kayote Outfitters take pride in what they do and are constantly developing and maintaining the ranch so that their customers can have only the most memorable and unbeatable hunting experience. 

Kayote Outfitters are just minutes from two major airports, Valley International Airport in Harlingen (KHRL) and Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport (KBRO). South Padre Island is also just minutes away and is a favorite family vacation destination so bring the family and let them play while you hunt.

Blue Bulls

Origins: The first Nilgai antelope (Boselaphus tragocamelus) were brought into the USA from India. Originally they were imported as zoo animals before the mid 1920's. Around 1930 the King Ranch initiated the first release in South Texas into Kenedy County. It's primary Indian predator, the tiger, being absent allowed them to flourish along with the favorably similar habitat of South Texas. Had the jaguar not been hunted out of Texas before this, it could have taken the natural primary apex predator spot in place of the tiger.

What Do Nilgai Look Like: The name nilgai is similar to the Hindi word for "blue bull" nilgaw. Adult bulls have a blue hue to their coat. Cows and calves are pale brown typically. Horns are present only on males and average around 7 in. long but we have definitely harvested larger. They are the largest of all Indian antelopes with adult bulls weighing between 440 and 530 lbs and cows between 330 and 440 lbs.

Nilgai Hunting Regulations: Since Nilgai are considered an introduced/non-native invasive species, there is no bag limit or season on their hunting. The same laws in regards to taking game from public roadways applies to Nilgai also. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department realize that exotics pose a threat to native habitats and species and wherever these conflicts occur, TPWD will ensure or encourage the continued health and population of the native wildlife.

Nilgai Nutritional Info: Texas A&M Department of Animal Science has published nutritional data from several exotics compared to domesticated meat sources. Here's how it stacks up for a 4 oz. portion of Nilgai uncooked meat:

Nilgai: 2.1 fat grams, 25 protein grams, 121 calories, 58mg cholesterol

Beef - Ground, extra lean: 18.5 fat grams, 29 protein grams, 290 calories, 95 mg cholesterol

Beef - Top loin: 26.1 fat grams, 21 protein grams, 323 calories, 79 mg cholesterol

Lamb: 4.9 fat grams, 24 protein grams, 142 calories, 75 mg cholesterol

Pork, center loin chop: 24.8 fat grams, 31 protein grams, 355 calories, 108 mg cholesterol

What Do Nilgai Eat? Grass is the main diet for them in Texas with agricultural crops increasingly being encroached on by them. They will eat plant parts such as flowers, seeds, fruit, leaves, etc. as availability permits.

Kayote Outfitters

1421 White Oak Dr

Harlingen, TX 78552 United States


The hunt will be with a rifle of .30 caliber or better. Upgrades for additional Nilgai, additional hunters and additional species can be added to the hunt at the current price list. Contact Kayote Outfitters for details and to make changes.

DSCNM would like to Thank Kayote Outfitters for this donation AND MAKING THIS DREAM Hunt Available.

** Please note that this hunt may not be sold, transferred, or assigned to another party without the express written permission of Kayote Outfitters and DALLAS SAFARI CLUB NEW MEXICO.

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