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Dallas Safari Club New Mexico (DSCNM) is seeking like-minded outdoors men and women, to sit on our advisory board.

DSCNM is three years old and is experiencing growth all across New Mexico. New Mexico being as diverse as it is big needs you to help us in our journey. Being a state wide organization we understand that we need the views from every corner of New Mexico.

The DSCNM  advisory board will be made up of up to 10 members that will advise the current board of directors on what DSCNM can do to aide local youth, veterans, 1st responders outdoor groups grow and prosper is vital to DSCNM having a meaningful impact and influence in the future of New Mexico outdoors.

The advisory board will be under the leadership of one of the current board members, they will meet via conference calls on a regular schedule that will determined at the 1st meeting of the advisory board. 

The major purpose of the Advisory Board member and the board as a whole is to advise the DSCNM board of directors on items that New Mexican outdoors enthusiasts need and want; so that the Board of directors may take their advice to structure programs and provide grant funding.

DSCNM is also considering the addition of 2-4 members to the DSCNM board of directors in 2021. Nominees for these director positions will be only accepted from the sitting members of the 2020 advisory board which have served for at least 6 months.

Being a part of the Advisory board members will be asked to:

Promote the DSCNM mission and encourage others to be a member of the DSC family

Advise the DSCNM board of Directors on all aspects that are relevant to the mission of DSCNM

Recruit Grantee Applications from groups and organizations in their area

Volunteer at the Gala & Expo in August

Pass out flyers in their area

Hang posters in their area

Sell Gala Tickets & Sponsor Packages

Recruit volunteers


The DSCNM will be accepting inquires until April 10th 2020 and will select the board members at the next scheduled board meeting in April. Individuals selected by the DSCNM Board of Directors will be notified within 5 days of the April meeting with details on the 1st Advisory board meeting.


The process to be considered for a position is simple, just follow the link and fill in the blanks


If you ever wanted to be a part of making New Mexico outdoors a better place to live and raise your family, here’s your opportunity. 


Advisory Board Submission Information 

Thanks for submitting! We will be in Touch soon. 

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