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Fall Raffle #10-06-2021

Addition To Safaris


1 Day Bull Bison Hunt in New Mexico for 1 Hunter  and 1 guest with Rancho De Chavez



Have you ever wanted to hunt a Trophy Bull Bison? Well now is your chance.  This Bison Hunt is being added to each of the five different Safaris and the Bonus drawing in the fall raffles.

This hunt is for one 3-4 Year Old Bull Bison weighing in at 1,000-1,200 pounds for 1 Hunter and one Guest. The hunt will take place in-between November 2022 to March of 2023. The hunt will take place on the Famed Rancho De Chavez ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico. You will arrive early morning at the ranch, do orientation and sign waivers, sight your gun if need be, then proceed to the field to hunt & harvest your Bison.

A unique and private ranch retreat awaits you at Rancho de Chavez located just 25 minutes south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, on the historic Turquoise Trail. Rancho de Chavez is the perfect marriage of rustic charm joined with inspirations from old Spain. Situated on 15,000 pristine acres, Rancho de Chavez is surrounded by the majesty of New Mexico. The western views take in the Jemez Mountains, Sandia Mountains and Cabezon Peak. The eastern views run from the back patio of the ranch hacienda directly to the top of the Ortiz Mountains where native birds and other wildlife are daily visitors.

The hunt will be with a rifle or muzzleloader of .30 caliber or better. Archery equipment can be used if arrangements are made ahead of time. Upgrades to an older class bull or additional Bison or Yak can be added to the hunt at the current price list.

DSCNM would like to Thank Steve Chavez & Rancho De Chavez for this donation.



DSCNM will be working with the Ranch scheduling the hunt dates; an attempt will be made to schedule the 6 winners of the Fall Drawings on the same day or two consecutive days.  This will afford the opportunity for DSCNM to have some extras available for the winners, that otherwise may not be an option if the hunts are spread apart. DSCNM understands that not everyone’s schedule will allow for a specific day, and DSCNM will work with the ranch and the winners to accompany their schedules.



** Please note that this donation may not be sold, transferred, or assigned to another party without the express written permission of Steve Chavez & Rancho De Chavez and DALLAS SAFARI CLUB NEW MEXICO 



  • One – 3-4 year old Bull Bison

  • Sack lunches will be provided every day of hunting

  • Field Dressing and loading on to Hunters Vehicle

  • Transportation while hunting

  • There is no license required to purchase for this hunt


  • Not Included:

  • Airfare to Albuquerque, NM or Santa Fe, NM

  • Nights Stay at the Hacienda

  • Lodging Prior to and after the hunt – accommodation arrangements can be made to stay in either Albuquerque or Santa Fe

  • Transportation to the Ranch

  • Taxidermy work

  • Meat or Trophy Care

    • Skinning & Quartering Facilities are located on the ranch and available to hunter

  • Any Gratuities to staff or guides

  • Non-hunters are welcome at the current price list price

  • Upgrades to larger old age class Bulls or other species available on the Ranch, prior arrangements must be made

Steve Chavez Rancho De Chavez



DSCNM realizes that the world is currently in a state of change and uncertainty, and we want you to have the upmost confidence when purchasing Raffle Tickets. DSCNM can ensure you that we will work closely with you and the outfitter; that if alternative travel arrangements must be made in the event that travel restrictions due to COVID-19 are enacted. After winning your hunt, DSCNM will contact you and the outfitter with detailed contact information to start the process of making arrangements for you trip. It is still your responsibility to make contact with outfitter within 14 days of official notification that you have won this Raffle, this connection is vital in ensuring you can take your trip in a, safe, timely manner and allows the outfitter the ability to make/offer travel arrangements should they be needed. Contact information will be provided within five days of your notification. If you have any concerns, or questions either before or after, please reach don’t hesitate to reach out the DSCNM, who can help you get in touch with your outfitter.

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