NEWS RELEASE” Dallas Safari Club

January 3, 2017

DSC Expands Chapter Program with Addition of 

DSC New Mexico


DSC welcomes the sixth group to join its chapter affiliate 

program – DSC New Mexico. The new chapter has come 

together to join DSC in their vision of a society that values 

wildlife, engages in its conservation, and understands and 

supports the role of well-regulated hunting in the sustainable use

 of wild resources.

“Our family continues to grow as more and more people 

recognize DSC as one of the prominent groups in wildlife 

conservation,” said DSC Chapter Development Coordinator Kim 

Rappleye. “New Mexico is full of some of the most dedicated 

hunters and conservationists and DSC is honored that they chose 

to join us in our efforts to protect hunting and wildlife.”

DSC New Mexico encompasses the entire state, which has 60 

DSC members, including 15 Life Members. The new chapter will

 begin adding members throughout its first year and will host a 

chapter convention in late spring or early summer of 2017 at the 

Albuquerque Convention Center.

The new chapter offers sportsmen and women an avenue to come 

together in a variety of events, such as social outings, fundraising

 shoots and youth educational days.

“We are looking forward to this opportunity to expand the vision 

of DSC throughout New Mexico,” said DSC New Mexico 

President David Reese. “DSC brings resources, influence and 

opportunities to help cast our voice into conversations and 

policymaking pertaining to wildlife, wild places and the future 

of hunting.”

DSC New Mexico joins DSC Northeast, Lubbock Sportsman’s 

Club, DSC Austin, DSC South Texas and DSC Permian Basin in 

a network of ardent hunters-conservationists. The new chapter 

helps connect individuals without geographic ties together to 

achieve the club’s mission. DSC has more than 6,000 members