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Texas Triple Trophy Hunt:

Whitetail –Axis Deer -Blackbuck

& Unlimited Hogs

For One Hunter & One Guest


Hunt Dates: November ot December 2021

DSCNM Drawing  Labor Day #09-02-21

This will be a 5 day Hunt and includes 1x1 Guide Service

Trophy Fees for

1 Whitetail Buck

1 Axis Deer

1 Blackbuck

 Plus as many hogs as you can take while on the hunt

Full accommodations

All Meals while on the Hunt

1 Guest may accompany Hunter

Game & Cape care, On site cold storage

Travel while on the ranch, via Pickup Truck or UTV’s

Good Time Guaranteed To be Had By ALL!!!


The hunt will take place on a 7,000 acre ranch 20 miles SE of Sonora TX. With Plenty of game on the ranch, located them is normally not an issue as the guides know where they normally hang out at.

Hunt can take place with weapon of your choice, if you wish to use archery, there are limited spots available and must be arranged prior to arrival.


Whitetail in the 160 class are the average size on deer, larger bucks have been seen and taken in the past.

Axis Deer & Blackbuck will be seen throughout the ranch and Hogs are everywhere. Hunters are encouraged to take as many Hogs as they can.


Accommodations are on the ranch are clean and comfortable, meals are prepared by the staff and hunters are guaranteed to not go hungry.


Not Included:

Travel prior to and after the hunt

Hotels Prior to and After the Hunt

Gratuities to staff and guides

Texas Hunting License



Nearest Major Airport; San Angelo Texas. Arrangements can be made to pick up hunter and guest at airport and transport to ranch included approximately one hour drive.

Kirk Payne

Timber Ridge Outfitters


DSCNM would like to Thank Kirk Payne and Timber Ridge Outfitters for  



** Please note that this donation may not be sold, transferred, or assigned to another party without the express written permission of Timber Ridge Outfitters & DALLAS SAFARI CLUB NEW MEXICO

For any additional Information On logistics please contact

Robert Espinoza Sr.



Tickets Available:

 $25 donation Gets 1 Ticket in the drawing

$100 donation Gets 5 Tickets in the drawing ($125 Value)

$250 donation Gets 14 Tickets in the drawing ($300 Value)

$500 donation Gets 32 Tickets in the drawing ($800 Value)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restricted abilities to host fundraising events, purchasing raffle spots for our Drawings is one of the best ways you can help DSC New Mexico fulfill its mission. All proceeds support DSC New Mexico's conservation mission to protect and enhance wildlife and critical habitats, youth organization grants, veterans & 1st responders programs. Your Donations also ensure that we will be able to continue to support and fund grants to local like-minded organizations we partner with!
The Dallas Safari Club New Mexico Board of Directors would like to


in the Drawings, Your Support will GO a Long Way to provide much needed funding to programs. More so now than ever; Individuals want and need to get outdoors, your program support accomplishes just that.. 

Tickets are available on the DSCNM website 

For more information send an email to,

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