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Military and 1st Responders “Thank You For Your Service” Cow Bison Hunts

Cost: $3,000 per hunt; includes ONE Cow Bison

Location: Rancho De Chavez 25 miles south of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Species: Cow Bison ages varies

Accommodations: Not included, all major hotels are available in Santa Fe

Meals: Lunch will be provided, water & soft drinks, no other meals are included

Method: Spot & stock off of UTV’s or PU Trucks. Using Large Caliber Rifles, archery on special request MAY be allowed

Care: Filed Dressing and loading of Bison is Included. Skinning, quartering and cooling can be provided upon request.

Transportation: To & from Ranch NOT Included. Transportation while on the ranch is included.

Party Numbers: Hunting parties are limited to one hunter and two guests

Gratuities: Not Included,

Hunter Criteria: Must be

  1. Active/currently serving or has been Honorably discharged from any of the US armed services.

    1. Individuals will be fully vetted by DSCNM staff. Individuals will be Required to provide proof of service and/or proof of being Honorably discharged.

  2. 1st responders, currently employed or retired 1st  responders; First responders typically include paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters, rescuers, and other trained members of organizations connected with this type of work

    1. Individuals will be fully vetted by DSCNM staff. Individuals will be Required to provide proof of employment dated not less than 10 days of submission.


  1. Cost $50 per ticket

  2. Number of Tickets sold per each raffle 100

  3. Number of hunts available: 10

  4. All the same criteria and stipulations stated above apply.

  5. Winner of the raffle will be drawn via

  6. Winner will be contacted immediately upon completion of drawing

  7. Winner must provide information for themselves; which must meet the criteria for military or 1st responders stated above or provide required information within 72 hours.

  8. Upon submission and verification DSCNM will schedule the hunt with winner.

  9. In the event that the hunt cannot be scheduled in March 2020, the winner will have the option of rescheduling after March 2020 or work out a mutually agreed upon date with Rancho De Chavez.

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