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DSC NM 4th Annual Gala & Fundraiser

Sponsor/Donor Oryx Hunt Giveaway Info

Grand Sponsor/Donor Promotion for $2,500 & $5,000 Table Promotion


Trophy Oryx Hunt Free Range on 100% Private Land Near Truth or Consequences, NM – Over 350,000 acres – Fair Chase Private Ranch for a Trophy Cow Oryx In New Mexico Hunt Dates: April 1st, 2022 to March 31st 2023

The hunt will take place on the world famous Armendaris Ranch

Hunts are all fair chase & Free Range (not high fenced) Conducted on over 362,000 acres of private ranch land near Truth or Consequences, NM


No Draw Required – Private Land Oryx Permits / Over the Counter

Dates available for Oryx Hunts – Schedule anytime April 1st, 2022 through March 31st, 2023 – Hunt any month of the year!


If you have ever dreamed of hunting and harvesting a Free Ranging Oryx (Gemsbok), Now is your chance without having to Fly to Africa or hunt a High Fence Ranch. Oryx were introduced to New Mexico in 1962 and then transplanted to the White Sands Missile Range where a herd of 3,000 -5,000 Oryx reside both on range and off range. The 362,000 acre Armendaris Ranch lies directly west of White Sands Missile Range and holds a Robust population of Oryx.

This vast 362,885-acre ranch lies in south central New Mexico along the Rio Grande River. The vegetation is Chihuahuan and semi-desert grasslands with cottonwood, willow and salt cedar riparian along the river. The Fra Cristobal Mountain range is home to a successfully reintroduced and subsequently delisted desert bighorn sheep population Other species on the ranch include bison, pronghorn, desert mule deer, mountain lion, javelin. The lava tubes of Jornada lava field is the summer home for one of the largest bat populations in North America.

Both sexes have horns that can grow 42 inches or longer in length, with a few extraordinary trophies exceeding the 42” length. Males’ horns usually are heavier with more pronounced ridges on the lower half of the horn, while females’ horns tend to be thinner but longer horns.

Hunt Includes:

  • 1 Trophy Cow Oryx

    • Trophy Mature Cow  - Hunter’s Choice, With Guides Assistance

    • Cow Oryx Have thinner Horns than do Bull’s. But more often than not have Horns that are several inches longer than the bulls.

    • Cows with 42” long or longer horns have been harvested

    • Longer horns are more impressive on an Oryx, Cows with the longer horns are often mistaken for Bulls.

    • The longer horned Cows are often more sought after for this reason.

  • 1 Private land Oryx Permits, one for the Trophy Cow Oryx

  • 1 on 1 Guide service while on ranch property

  • Guide will provide snacks, lunch and beverages while in the field

  • Transportation while on the ranch during the hunt

  • Field care along with skinning and transportation prep of animal

  • 2 - day hunts -spot & stalk / truck – Hunters will see multiple Oryx each day hunted with multiple opportunities. (most will harvest the first day)

  • Can be upgraded to a Bull Oryx for additional fee with Guide while on the hunt, if available.

NOT Included:

  • Lodging and meals Not Included

  • Accommodations,

    • Accommodations are available at ranch property for additional fee (contact Outfitter to discuss this option)

    •  most hunters stay in Truth or Consequences (approximate 30 min drive to property)

    • Most hunters stay in Truth or Consequences (approximate 30 min drive to property) Several hotels and restaurants are located in  Truth or Consequences

  • Transportation to and from hunting area Not Included

  • Gratuities (customary based on hunt Value 10-15%)

  • Items of Personal Nature

  • New Mexico Game and Fish General Hunting License

  • New Mexico Game and Fish Oryx License.


Fees charged cover State Sales Tax, Guide Services while on ranch property, field transportation, field care along with skinning and transportation prep of animal, we will also provide snacks and beverages while in the field. Hunt is considered complete after harvest and trophy care.


State License Fees – Not Included with Ranch Prices


New Mexico State License and Permit fee as follows:


Hunt License = $15. $65.00

Habitat Management and Validation Stamp = $5.00 $5.00

Private Land Oryx License = $153.00 $1,610.00

Total Resident Fee = $173.00 ------------------------Total Non-Resident = $1,680.00

Licenses can be purchased on-line at

OR at any dealer (sporting goods store, Walmart, Etc.)


Do not purchase Licenses / permits until just prior to hunt dates – licenses are nonrefundable - licenses can be purchased just prior to hunt dates. Contact DSCNM or Del Re Expeditions for details.


Wound / Loss Policy is strictly enforced – any wounded animal is considered a harvest, Guide will give their best effort to recover a wounded animal, however another animal will not be allowed without additional fees


 DSCNM would like to Thank Joe Del Re Del Re Outdoor Expeditions for MAKING THIS DREAM Hunt Available.

Come join us for the best hunt of your life!

Value $6,500

For More Information Contact:


Robert Espinoza Sr.



** Please note that this hunt may not be sold, transferred, or assigned to another party without the express written permission of Del Re Outdoor Expeditions and DALLAS SAFARI CLUB NEW MEXICO.



DSCNM realizes that the world is currently in a state of change and uncertainty, and we want you to have the upmost confidence when bidding in our auction. DSCNM can ensure you that we will work closely with you and the outfitter; that if alternative travel arrangements must be made in the event that travel restrictions due to COVID-19 are enacted. After winning your hunt, DSCNM will contact you and the outfitter with detailed contact information to start the process of making arrangements for you trip.  It is still your responsibility to make contact with outfitter within 14 days of purchase, this connection is vital in ensuring you can take your trip in a, safe, timely manner and allows the outfitter the ability to make/offer travel arrangements should they be needed. Contact information will be provided within ten days of the Gala and receipt of acknowledgement. If you have any concerns, or questions either before or after the auction, please reach don’t hesitate to reach out the DSCNM, who can help you get in touch with your outfitter.

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